Amellia DiPasquale

amelliadipasqualeAmellia DiPasquale graduated from The University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in Psychology in 2014. In September of 2014, Amellia became an integral part of The Hays Group by helping and serving clients on a daily basis. “I love getting to meet and interact with everyone that walks in the door!” Recently, Amellia has been able to support our client development objectives and enjoys getting to forge relationships with new and prospective clients. Amellia feels that she is able to showcase her talents for others through her responsibilities at The Hays Group. According to her, “The best days are when I know that I have made a client feel as if they are truly valued and appreciated.”

Outside of work, some of Amellia’s greatest joys come from teaching Sunday School at her church, going to the lake, and reading. She firmly believes that investing her time, energy, and love into young children is one of the most fulfilling experiences there is; and she can think of no better way to relax than a day in the sun, on the water, with a good book.